From October 3rd to November 27th 2012, there will be an extraordinary series of workshops, classes, and lectures broadcasted live via telephone and computer around the world.  Thousands of people from more than twenty-two countries will tune into a series of one hour classes taught by more than twenty internationally best selling authors, speakers, and master teachers of life.  This series is hosted by Nathan Crane and The Panacea Community, and is free to all attendees.

The Teachings of Life workshops will focus on a specific area relative to living an extraordinary life based on each of these twelve categories; health and wellbeing, consciousness and intuition, abundance and prosperity, science and spirituality, meditation and mindfulness, and love and relationships. 

Teachers include personal development, beauty and musical geniuses like Mark Romero and Michelle Phillips, healing masters like Richard Gordon, Christel Hughes, and Cristina Smith, consciousness masters like Albert Nahmani, Adam Gainsburg, and Brent Phillips, Reiki masters like Shelly Wilson, Tantra educators like Dr. Kathleen White Ph.D, abundance and prosperity teachers like Ernest Chu, Chaney Weiner, and Rick Jarow, and various experts on transformational topics of health, mindfulness, meditation, cleansing, and vitality like Nathan Crane, Ari L, Liana Werner-Gray, Kate Armstrong, Jane Ilene Cohen, Christa Orecchio, Sandra Crowe, and Vidyamala Burch.

These teachers have been featured on hundreds of international media outlets including Fox News and Oprah.  During this eight-week transformational series of classes, listeners are encouraged to share their questions, comments, and insights via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to establish a bonding connection with like-minded communities around the world.

Each class is free to attend and can be listened to via cell phone, landlines, or any computer with internet connection.   Each class will be recorded and made available for a period of forty-eight hours after the live teleconference for those individuals who cannot attend the live workshop.  Additionally, the entire series will be made available for ownership in tandem with a one-month trial to The Panacea Community Online Learning Center for Higher Education.

The Panacea Community has dedicated its resources to bringing together like-minded students and teachers of life through the intent of building conscious community by co-creating higher educational opportunities such as, The Teachings of Life teleseminar.

To register free and receive access to all twenty workshops visit; http://www.theteachingsoflife.com

About The Author

Nathan Crane is a healer and intuitive who speaks to thousands of people around the world about achieving higher levels of consciousness, cleansing out toxins and negative emotions from the mind and body, overcoming addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and harmful foods, and cultivating higher levels of intuition through natural co-creative processes.  Nathan Crane is the founder of The Panacea Community and can be reached at www.NathanCrane.com or by calling (877) 335-2683


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